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Roof Maintenance Tips To Prevent Leaks And Damage

Homeowners hardly pay attention to their roofs until there’s obvious damage or a sign of water damage on the interior. Regular maintenance will help prolong the life span of your roof and prevent it from water infiltration, snow damage, and all other damages that can weaken the structure of your roof.

Here Are Some Roof Maintenance Tips To Help Prevent Roof Damage


Trim Your Trees

Your tree may provide shade outside your home, and you may love that about it, but your roof doesn’t like its overhanging branches and shedding leaves as it can clog your gutters which will get in the way of proper draining.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutter is an important part of your roof’s water discharge system and collects and diverts rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Therefore, if your gutters get clogged with leaves, litter, and other debris, it can cause serious damage.

Repair Or Reseal Flashing

Seals, joints, and flashing are the most prone to leaks. Your roof’s flashing refers to all the metals used to connect the various parts of your roof or places where the wall and roof meet. Flashing plays a huge role in waterproofing your roof. So if you notice that the sealants are dry or loose, attend to them immediately.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is an affordable maintenance plan to ensure your roof looks its best and is functioning well. As a homeowner, you should give your roof the attention and care it needs to serve you better.

Inspect Your Attic

A damaged roof causes not all leaks. Your attic can provide many clues as to what might be causing the leaks in your home. When inspecting your attic, look for the following:

  • Mold
  • Clogs in intake vents
  • No ventilation
  • Rust around nails

Consider A Ventilation Upgrade

A well-functioning ventilation system will keep air flowing to your roof and ensure that the underside remains dry and protected. Without a ventilation system, moisture can easily accumulate and negatively affect your roof’s foundation.

Your home is your comfort and sanctuary, and a leak can get in the way. Dealing with a leak is a frustrating experience as then causes costly water damage in your home and so to prevent this from happening, commit to the maintenance tips above; you can go wrong with them.

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